U. S. Shotblast Parts and Service Corp offer two Workhorse Mfg. products which are the Workhorse 1000 and the Workhorse SSA skid steer attachment. For each product we offer specific blades for the removal of a variety of floor surface materials. U.S. Shotblast Parts and Service Corp offers these floor scraper blades for the Workhorse products:

Standard straight blades in various lengths for general scraping
Blades with special sides to cut carpet and rubber flooring into strips to make the waste easier to handle
Ripping tools for removal of tongue and groove flooring
Ripping tools with carbide teeth for ceramic tile removal

U.S. Shotblast Parts and Service Corp also offers special suit case style weights that can be added to the Workhorse 1000 as well as the Workhorse SSA which will increase the down pressure at the blade for those super tough removal jobs.

The Workhorse 1000 comes with a choice of a single blade holder tube or three blade holder tubes. The three tube arrangement is designed so the machine can remove material closer to a wall. This system is very convenient and much more productive than going back and forth along a wall like all competitive machines have to do to when removing a flooring product.

The Workhorse SSA skid steer attachment comes standard with three tube holders and will fit any size machine with a quick attach system. The Workhorse SSA floor scraper skid steer attachment is designed and built to handle the most demanding removal of floor surface material with unbelievable productivity. It can be put on an 18 hp or 100 hp skid steer of any brand or any manufacturer. You can view the Workhorse 1000 and the Workhorse SSA in action by watching these videos which will show you how they operate. Call U.S. Shotblast Parts and Service today at 1-888-745-6766 to speak with a specialist who can help you with the Workhorse products.

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